How to Use VCCs

Given the fact that VCC HQ prepaid virtual credit cards are a multi-purpose and reliable means of payment, they can naturally be used to pay for goods and services in various currencies around the world wherever ordinary prepaid Visa and Mastercard are accepted. Payment services generally identify them as regular plastic (non-virtual) prepaid cards. VCC HQ bank cards offer the opportunity to verify accounts in different systems, pay with PayPal, shop online irrespective of sale geography restrictions and carry out many other useful operations which we will cover later below.
Another major advantage of these products to be emphasized is their complete anonymity of use. VCC HQ can be registered in any name, including assumed ones or aliases. Neither identity verification is performed, nor ID or any other documents certifying the name and residence are required at the time of purchasing and registration. Using VCC HQ VCCs guarantees the confidentiality of both your personal data and information on your payment transactions.
VCC HQ virtual credit cards are the perfect solution for eBay shopping. Payments can be made either directly with a virtual card or via a PayPal account.
VCC HQ Visa cards: direct payments (US billing address is required) / payments via PayPal
Make sure the phone number you specified match the phone number you used in your eBay account
You will need to link your virtual card to your PayPal account to be able to pay through this service. For more information, refer to PayPal verification instructions.

Amazon, Walmart, GAP and Other US Stores
It often seems somewhat problematic for users outside the United States to order products from US online merchants such as Amazon, Walmart, GAP and others. VCC HQ bank cards are an easy and convenient payment solution in this case.

VCC HQ Visa cards: direct payments (US billing address is required) / payments via PayPal
In the event you have trouble paying at any of the above eCommerce providers, you can still arrange for delivery to your home address applying to or similar shipping services.

Gearbest is a popular Chinese online retailer of gadgets and electronic novelties. VCC HQ virtual cards make it possible for their customers to shop there. 

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade, vintage and other unique pieces and gifts for those who value originality and specialness.

Wayfair is an American eCommerce store selling furniture, home decor, lighting and outdoors goods. If you want something to style your home with, just do it with your VCC HQ card.

Domain Purchasing, Hosting, Servers (VPS)
All services that provide hosting, sell domains or servers accept, as a rule, only payments by credit cards. Even if PayPal is mentioned among payment methods, it implies that the customer can use this option only with a bankcard linked to a PayPal account.
However, VCC HQ prepaid cards give you the opportunity to buy a domain, get a hosting or a VPS either by paying directly or by linking the card to your PayPal account and confirming it.
VCC HQ VCCs have been successfully operating at such web-platforms as Namecheap, Hostgator, GoDaddy, Leaseweb, SG-Hosting, Ionos, Porkbun, Inmotionhosting, Tmdhosting, Name, Moniker, Hostinger,, Insta, Reencloudvps, Hostwinds, Internetbs,
Hosting providers may decline a payment in case your IP-address does not match your billing address. We recommend you use a VPN or a Proxy when registering and paying.
Some websites may decline a direct card payment. If that happens, just link your card to PayPal, confirm it and make your settlement via this service.

VPN (Proxies)
Nowadays, many net-surfers turn to VPN (Proxies ) services which mask their IP addresses and thus grant them anonymity. But one of the key inconveniences here is the fact that a valid credit card is required to subscribe to these services which brings about a certain breach in clients’ secrecy. VCC HQ products appear to be an optimal solution if you need to get a VPN and keep fully anonymous.
Experience has shown that our customers successfully use VCC HQ VCCs at such VPN providers as,,,,,,,
Some websites may decline a direct card payment. If that happens, just link your card to PayPal, confirm it and make your settlement via this service.

Google Adwords
Google Adwords is one of the most popular and highly sought advertising platforms on the Internet, which accepts only credit cards as a payment method. Actually, Google Adwords has recently banned some operations with prepaid cards. Although, VCC HQ VCCs be used for new Adwords accounts’ activation, still work well when paying in existing accounts.

Apple Store (iTunes)
When you need to verify an iTunes account or shop at Apple Store, our virtual cards can be of much help. 

Google Play
One way or another, almost all Android platform users purchase at Google Play, which accept only bank cards. So, in case you need to make a payment at Google Play, VCC HQ prepaid virtual cards are definitely a reliable solution.

AliExpress is by far one of the most sought-after online retailers, where people can buy products from China at affordable prices. Its website accept payments with Visa or Mastercard bankcards, including prepaid ones. Thus, you can take advantage of our VCCs when shopping at this eCommerce platform.

Dating Sites
Dating sites are getting more and more popular in the smartphone era. At the same time, it seems quite natural that users seek to hide their personal data and keep it secret in every possible way. These days, most online dating services work on a fee basis and require a credit card as a payment method. So, if you look for the anonymity of your personal data and do not want your activity on a dating site to appear on your card statement, just think of using VCC HQ prepaid cards.
Our customers have successfully used our virtual cards at the following dating websites: Lovestruck, Sympatia, ChinaLoveCupid, OurTime, Lovoo,,,,,,,
We suppose you will have no problem paying with VCC HQ VCCs at any other dating online platforms.
Some websites may decline a direct credit card payment. If that happens, just link your card to PayPal, confirm it and make your settlement via this service.

Hotels, Flights and Trip Packages

Whenever you decide to go on a trip, buy an airline ticket or book a hotel room, you will most probably need a credit card. And furthermore, if you only have some cryptocurrency funds, VCC HQ provides you with the fastest way to solve this problem and finally get your hotel or flight reserved. Our virtual bankcards work perfectly at such well-known booking services as,,, and others.
Betting Sites and Online Gambling Sites (Online Casinos)
It is not a secret that many people like to earn by wagering on sports events on special betting sites and the latter accept only credit cards to replenish accounts. Yet, many Internet gamblers possess cryptocurrencies and often look for an opportunity to use them on a betting site or at an online casino. We are ready to offer a convenient solution: purchasing our VCC HQ prepaid virtual with a cryptocurrency will make it possible to reload gaming accounts.
Our cards work on such betting websites as,,,

Using antiviruses is a clear and vital necessity for all web-surfers today. The choice of an antivirus software depends on users’ criteria which often differ. VCC HQ VCCs will facilitate your buying an antivirus (DrWeb, Avast and others) and therefore protecting your personal data.

Freelance Services
Today many people in world are self-employed or freelancers and provide their services via such freelance platforms as Fiverr, Peopleperhour or Upwork. These websites guarantee their fees and remuneration and clients can repay them either with a credit card or through PayPal. Hence, your VCC HQ prepaid cards will allow you to pay both directly and, in the even a problem occurs, by using a PayPal account.

UPS, USPS (Postal Services)
United Parcel Service (UPS) and United States Postal Service (USPS) are American postal companies providing express delivery and logistics services. Direct payments with VCC HQ VCCs are welcome.

A well-known professional business social network has recently added the option of online recruiting and targeted advertising. Credit cards are accepted as a payment method. According to our customers’ reviews, VCC HQ virtual cards can be used to pay on LinkedIn.
We have sought to cover the maximum possible number of on-line resources we are aware of and where our VCC HQ products are accepted. If you have any additional questions on this subject, our FAQs section is at your disposal. However, if you deal with a service other than those mentioned above, you can submit your request to our Support Team, and provided that we have any relevant information on it, we will try to help you.

Enjoy your shopping with VCC HQ!